Share Art. Spread Joy.

Raising Kindness Colorado wants to continue our mission to empower children and families to do good in their community, especially during this difficult time. 

We are launching Share Art. Spread Joy. for children in Colorado to showcase their art of any kind to say thank you, and spread joy.

Every few weeks, we will organize a different album to be shared with individuals working hard to support our community or a more vulnerable and isolated population like the elderly. Over the next few weeks, the Virtual Art Show Albums will be presented online to frontline healthcare workers, elderly, grocery workers, teachers, and other amazing volunteers in our community.


How To Share Art

1. Create art of any kind including drawings, paintings, sculptures, sidewalk chalk art, and letters/thank you cards

2. Scan or take a photo of your child’s art. Make sure your art is no larger than 25MB and is a .PNG or .JPEG

3. Email your photo to Include the artist’s First Name, First Initial Last Name, Age, City/State, and which album you would like your art displayed! 

4. We will upload the art to an album here. We will then Share Art. Spread Joy. by connecting with various groups in the Denver area  

5. Please share with anyone you know that might find joy in looking at the artwork!   

6. We are currently accepting photos for Healthcare Heroes 

Photo Tips

1. Lie art flat on a solid colored surface preferable black or white

2. Center the photo in the picture

3. Choose an area where light is even, if not sure, try taking it outside in natural light

4. If you have a scanner, that works too, but please save as PNG or JPEG

Currently collecting submissions for 

Healthcare Heroes!

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